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Aesthetics Motion Pictures

Introducing Aesthetics Motion Pictures...

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The Metroid Mission

Samus ran into a little trouble in Brooklyn, luckily her trusty gunship arrived in time for her to suit up!

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A Talk With Rob Saladino

My full talk with Rob Saladino! We discuss his involvement on the set of Noah, The Amazing Spider-man 2, Birdman and more!

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BBC Radio Interview

I was interviewed on BBC radio recently about what it's like being a filmmaker and of course, being a YouTuber! I took some time to answer questions about the industry and what I'd like to achieve. We spoke about other YouTubers such as PewDiePie, who have achieved monumental fame and also how to deal with the dark side of the industry.

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Life In The City

A travelling 20-something writes about her experiences in the city that never sleeps.

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Shanna May and Lena Danya explore Florida once again...

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The Podcast...

Welcome to the podcast where we will be talking about Film, Visual Effects, Acting and the creative industries as a whole.

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