• Wanderlust.



    Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. I made this video for ShannaMayTV to express what Wanderlust feels like to me.

    The footage was filmed over 21 months at 12 different airports around Europe and the United States, spanning a total number of 31,131 miles spent in the air.  Whew.  That’s alot of wanderlust right there!

    Whenever I’m exploring I don’t just film, I also make sure to take pictures of the sights that stand out the most to me.  The following pictures are my favourites taken in 2015 so far.

    Mainly shot in New York City, I think they really capture the beauty you can stumble across.

    Shanna Mays Wanderlust - The Opera House.
    Shanna Mays Wanderlust - Freedom Tower
    Shanna Mays Wanderlust - NYC workers
    Shanna Mays - Don't look down!
    Shanna Mays - Switzerland
    Shanna Mays - America
    Shanna May - Upper West Side
    Shanna May - Queensborough bridge
    Shanna May - Love on the Subway

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