• The musical wizard that is Tom Jordan.

    tom jordan musicianThe musical wizard that is Tom Jordan.

    YouTube is about collaboration, no doubt about it.  So when I found myself struggling to find good music for my projects last year, I abandoned my endless scrolling through Audio Jungle and YouTube’s Audio Library and took to social media.  I wanted someone who I could work with, someone who had the talent and skill to produce music that could be used in short films to short YouTube clips.  I found Tom Jordan.

    His music has set the scene for Vlogs, The 2015 Showreel & short travel films I’ve created.  I love his style.  Have a listen to some of them in the videos below.

    Tom Jordans music used in my 2015 Loobook video.

    Vlog from Nintendo World last year featuring Toms music.

    Adventures at Barcade featuring Tom’s Music.

    Get to know Tom.


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