• The Bowery House | A stylish masterpiece in lower Manhattan.

    The Bowery House

    It was Autumn 2014, when I found myself in Manhattan once again to celebrate Halloween and enjoy fall in the city.  I tend to spend a lot of time in Staten Island, but I’d made plans in the city and I needed somewhere to stay which wouldn’t break the bank.

    Shanna May | The Bowery House

     I booked 5 nights at The Bowery House.  A trendy hotel/hostel located in Bowery, a neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan.  It was once used as lodging for soldiers returning home during the aftermath of world war 2, but since then it has been renovated into an ornate hostel.  Adorned with antique fixtures, original artwork on the walls in every room and possible the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, preserves jar light fittings.  I don’t think there’s possibly a more hipster thing in the world than preserves jar light fittings.  I’ve seen them in bars and coffee shops used for beverages but this tops them all.

    bowery-bath tumblr_inline_mi4hjdWotw1qz4rgp

    You have to remember that this IS a hostel.  However there are a lot of room options, small cabins, twin cabins, bunk rooms and even the prince room which has a flat screen TV and a queen size bed.  I’ll say this now, this is the prettiest, cleanest, quietest and cheapest (for it’s amazing location) hostel that I’ve ever stayed in.

    BoweryLobbyLobby the_bowery_house_front_desk

    The building has a large heavy door and the rooms are located on the higher floors which made me feel safe throughout my stay compared to other hostels.  The Bowery House is located in what was formerly known as “skid row” but with all it’s renovations and gentrification you wouldn’t be able to tell.  I could write forever about how much I love the look and feel of this place but I think my photographs speak for themselves.


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