• Showreel of 2015

    Showreel of 2015

    empire-state-building-shanna-may-showreel-2015-aesthetics-film-showreelShowreel 2015

    Over the last twelve months I expanded a lot when it comes to film.  I’ve jumped head first into the surreal world of visual effects and motion graphics. I’ve worked on video game themed projects for GeeksLifeStyle such as “A Day In Hyrule” and “The Metroid Mission.”  I’ve travelled to many new cities such as Atlantic City, London, Birmingham, Liverpool & Manchester and captured a little piece of them.  Since the year came to a close I wanted to put together a showreel of my favourite moments and I finally got a chance to over the past weekend.

    Showreel of some of the projects I worked on throughout 2015. Music videos, advertisements, YouTube videos, VFX projects and short films. Take a look!

    I’ve been working on another website for the past few months that is dedicated to Film, VFX, Motion Graphics, Photography… all things creative really.

    Welcome to Aesthetics.  Create The Future.

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