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Shanna May On YouTube

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Shanna May On ShannaMayTV YouTube

Cinematography and special effects creations from around the world on ShannaMayTV.

I initially started ShannaMayTV on YouTube to showcase the “Exploring Series” where I travelled to different destinations around the world whilst filming.  Over time the channel has evolved into a platform for my cinematography abroad and at home.  As I delved more into the world of VFX, I got to create more interesting projects and explore composition in my short films.  My short travel videos eventually turned into documentaries and sometimes a longer series of short films.  This channel is also home to my LookBook films, the occasional vlog and other various film projects.

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Shanna May On GeeksLifeStyle

Video games, events coverage and nerd culture on GeeksLifeStyle.

I started GeeksLifeStyle on YouTube as a way to express and enjoy my nerdy hobbies, mixing it with my love for film-making.  I always wanted a video game related channel which doesn’t rely on lets-play videos.  GeeksLifeStyle is home to events coverage from various Comic Cons, Anime conventions and technology expos.  We also find and explore niche Comic Book, Collectable and Video Game stores to showcase on GeeksLifeStyle.  When it comes to gaming and comics, I can be a little more creative with my ideas which leads to short VFX films like “A Day In Hyrule” and “Alduin in New York City,” which are inspired by the Legend Of Zelda Series and Skyrim.

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shanna may on The Artful Studios YouTube

Time-lapse Art & Design creations on The Artful Studios.

I started out on YouTube creating Time-Lapse art videos, and although it isn’t my main focus anymore, I still haven’t stopped creating over the past 5 years.  Oil paintings, portraiture, exploring street art and also creating 3D designs for products available in my online shop.  Another thing I like to do is tell stories on my channel through speed drawing videos and animation.

 You can also commission me for personal artwork.

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