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Project New York

Dexter Mason and myself take our cameras and explore the greatest city on earth.  Of course you may have seen the videos we worked on together, but I also embarked on Project New York.  The following photographs were taken in and around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten island from the heights of the tallest skyscrapers to the hidden back alley hipster pubs.  We’re both YouTubers, so we’re always looking for new locations and spots to shoot in.  New York City is a dream come true for stuff like this, I’m starting to see why all the movies are done here.

Come and delve into my view of The Big Apple

All photography for Project New York was completed by Shanna May, to see Dexter Masons work click here.

See a different side to the city than your used too…

Shanna May | Central Park New York

Shanna May | New York Upper West Side

Shanna May | Project New York Upper West Side

Shanna May | Project New York Roosevelt Island

Shanna May | Project New York The Opera House.

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