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Downtown Manhattan

Professional photography projects and photo-shoots I have completed whilst travelling around the world.

Here you can click through the below options and see my various professional photography projects from around the world.  Including such places as Los Angeles, Florida, New York, New Jersey, London, Scotland, Wales and many countries in Europe.

Many are shot whilst travelling new places as I work on my cinematography projects for ShannaMayTV and others I’ve done for companies more locally.

I’ve also worked for various YouTube channels  as well as a many private clients.

Project Talacre.

Project Talacre takes you on a journey to a secluded beach in north Wales, where an abandoned lighthouse is located making for an apocalyptic look.

Project Talacre photography.

Project New York.

Myself and Marc Mandeville explore the city streets and capture the heart  of Manhattan & Brooklyn in ‘Project New York’.Shanna May | Project New York - Photography.

Roosevelt IslandShanna May | Dexter Mason in Manhattan close up

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