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    I finally made a Patreon!  If you want to help support my creative work please take a look! Even a pledge of just $1 a month can make all the difference. It’s people like you that make all this happen.


    Hello my lovelies. 

    Thank you for visiting my Patreon page!  I am a Filmmaker and Visual Artist.

    My work includes Film Production, CGI & VFX, Fine Art, Cosplay, Photography and Merchandise.  A lot of what I do is showcased on Aesthetics StudiosShanna May.comShanna May Shop.  Aesthetics Motion Pictures is a British Independent film studio owned by myself and was created in 2016 to distribute independent films and documentaries, this is where the things of higher production happen.

    I created my first public YouTube channel in 2010 dedicated to time-lapse art videos and vlogs. Since then my work has expanded into short films, VFX, Geek Culture and Travel videos on my channels The Artful Studios, GeeksLifeStyleShannaMayTV.

    LookBook has also become another creative outlet where I have been cosplaying and putting together various outfits with the intention that these be used in conjunction with my short film work.

    Patreon will help tremendously in producing and improving my work including equipment upgrades, travel costs, web hosting costs and merchandising costs.  This past year I have upped the ante by enrolling in a full time BSc in Film Tech, CGI & VFX.  This gives me access to multi-million dollar studios and motion capture technology and a variety of opportunities to expand my work for your entertainment.  As you can imagine, creating what I create, running the websites and platforms they are on whilst also going to university for it is expensive.  With the help of Patreon more content can be produced, faster more efficiently and towards a higher standard. 

    My goal is improved, more frequent content at an ever improving standard, whilst also inspiring my following to be more creative in their endeavours. 

    I thank you to the moon and back for your support.  It’s people like you who make these things possible.  I will be offering weekly and monthly rewards to my Patreons including but not limited to discounted artwork, posters, concept art, extended videos, tutorials and behind the scenes looks to the process of everything I do.

    – Shanna May 

    As with most things in life, my patreon isn’t a “something for nothing” type deal. There’s a whole array of rewards people get for being patreons. 

    Behind the scenes stuff, tutorials, digital posters, high quality film and photography content to download and use at their leisure.  Their name in the actual credits to videos and short films under “special thanks” and exclusive live streams where I talk about the progress of everything that’s happening.

    Patreons are investors and should be treated as such.  So far I have hit $37 in Patreons, which is enough to sustain the domains and hosting of two of my websites!

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