• My Instagram and me


    My Instagram and me

    I’ve been going hard at my Instagram lately, keeping everyone up to date with my latest film and photography projects.  I have around 10,000 followers now which is pretty damn good considering back in January 2015 I only had around 600.  I’m in love with long-exposure at the moment, and with the nights becoming darker and darker, more opportunity arises for amazing photography and film.  My boyfriend also contributed some amazing shots, you can find his account credited in the captions of the ones he has taken on my IG account.  In the city, neon lights are in abundance which can give you the most colourful wonderful scenes.  Here are some of my most recent favourites.

    celebrating bonfire night with shanna mayBonfire Night in my garden 2015

    Waterloo Bridge in London by Shanna MayLong exposure on Waterloo Bridge in Westminster.

    photo of dexter mason marc mandeville on a bridge by shanna mayDexter and his Ocarina NYUK 2016

    London eye, view of Westminster by Shanna MayThe Beauty of Westminster., NYUK 2016

    dexter mason / Marc Mandeville on the Albert DockMarc likes Liverpool.  NYUK 2016

    Liverpool, The Albert Dock taken by Shanna MayThe Albert Dock at night.  NYUK 2016

    shanna may and dexter mason in liverpoolMarc on the docks. NYUK 2016

    Empire state building in Manhattan by Shanna MayThe Empire State. 2015

    Shanna May on my Instagram photograph of dexter mason sitting under the Brooklyn Bridge in the parkPicnic in DUMBO Park summer 2015.

    Shanna May point of view shot taken by dexter mason in Atlantic City on the boardwalkAtlantic City, on the board walk summer 2015.

    See more from my Instagram account below, just scroll across to see my latest posts.

     follow shanna may on instagram bbc radio interview 2015




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