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    “The Green Room” is a Patreon-only extended version of the podcast.

    Welcome to the podcast of many where we will be talking about Film, CGI & Visual Effects, Acting, Behind the Scenes and the creative industries as a whole.  I am joined by my co-host Rob Saladino, based in Long Island New York,  who has worked as an Actor, Narrator and Writer for several years with vast industry experience.  Robs social media is listed below, so make sure you follow him to keep updated with all of his latest projects.

    This week we talk about the new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, why box office success is important for sequels, the most viewed trailers on YouTube and good and bad sequels!

    This podcast was so much fun to make.  We’ll be recording every Wednesday and uploading every Friday to ShannaMayTV.

     “The Green Room” is an extended version of the “That’s A Wrap” podcast exclusive to $30 dollar tier Patrons.  The Green Room will always have at least 20 minutes of extra podcast but sometimes this can vary all the way up to 40 minutes of extra content, so if you’re interested please support us through Patreon.

    Please leave comments with questions you’d like answering or topics you want us to go in on in the future.

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