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    The diffusion of Asian & Black culture in the Urban communities  is a story silently observed but rarely told. From Korean Hip Hop to Afro Samurai, Wu Tang Clan to Urban Ninjas cosplaying as Black Narutos, Asians and Blacks have inspired each others culture for a long time.

    With your help, Jeffrey Almonte (Black-Caribbean) & Kaz Tsujino (Black-Japanese) plan on taking the world by storm to heal racial animosities between two minority groups, learn their fascination with each others culture, and document a story for us all to collectively share for the rest of history. 

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    Most of the Funds will be used to traveling expenses including hiring Translators and basic necessities like Room/Board & Food for the co-director Kaz, Audio Engineer Vino P. Music, & Researcher/Animator Sparda to survive during our journey. Some target places are Kaz’s hometown in Tokyo, Japan…along with Seoul, S. Korea; Houston, Texas; Los Angeles, California; San Fernando, Trinidad… and more. We are in the midst of creating our own pilot for the film out of our own pocket to bring the community together and give a voice to the unheard. Throughout this campaign we’ll feature travel vlogs, tutorials on our lighting setups, and snippets of some of our favorite interviews before the full release. 

    The funds will be used secondarily to book spaces for FREE screenings for the community & marketing to multiple platforms. This is a project funded by the people… for the people. It will not be sold to any major media company to expropriate labor for profits and will sustain itself solely on the charity of the people.

    Click here to find out more and support the project on YouCaring

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