Aesthetics Studios which launched in 2015 is a creative hub.  A source for all your creative needs.  Here people can hire me for their film purposes whether it is to help promote a business or a public figure, or for personal work such as weddings and other family occasions.  I deal with promotional clips, audition tapes, stock footage, video resumes, Intros & outros, Music Videos, YouTube videos, Parties and/or large gatherings, Live Events, Real-Estate Videos, Highlight Reels (Sports, Acting ect) Short films, documentary style shorts & small productions.

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Aesthetics Pictures (known professionally as Aesthetics Motion Pictures and also simply referred to as “Aesthetics”) is a British Independent film studio owned by Filmmaker Shanna May Co. Aesthetics Motion Pictures was created in 2016 by Shanna May to distribute independent films and documentaries.
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Shanna created her first public YouTube channel in 2010 dedicated to time-lapse art videos and vlogs. Since then her work has expanded into short films, VFX, Geek Culture, Travel videos and documentaries.
Shanna May & Jonny Yoku in New York City, Queens Questions and answered video on YouTube I love the natural light on him out of my window
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List of all Shanna Mays Filmmaker credits on IMDB, including but not limited to Director, Actress, Producer, Writer on projects such as Filmmakers, Staten Island – The Forgotten Borough and Life in a Day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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