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Hello person who thought the above blog image was pretty enough to satisfy your mouse cursor. Welcome to the area that leads to my ramblings.  I like to write things.  Nothing in particular and nothing spectacular, but if you look closely you may find a blog update on my life and a witty anecdote or two.

You have two choices.  

Following my Tumblr is like entering my view of the Internet and a way of getting into my weird mind and of course my silly sense of humour, blog style.

Whilst things I jot down are certainly posted there, you will also see my Artwork, cool photography I reblog off of others, me answering questions submitted… and the occasional cat gif.

New York City Skyline

The other choice?  Blog posts put together on this very website.  There is Life In The City, where I write about all the strange entanglements I get myself into during my time in New York City alongside my amazing friends.  

My Fine Art blog writings about my endeavours into the world of Fine Art. Including my own work, work I admire, galleries and the process behind it.

Graphic Design blog writings involving my work in Branding, web design, cover art, digital art, illustration, photography, videography and even print work.  I talk about my endeavours into the world of design, give advice, show examples and more.  

Writings about my personal life and the little things that matter to me the most that I wish to share on my blog.  

I travel a hell of a lot, mainly to the United States, but I do end up in mainland europe and around the United Kingdom a lot too.  You can find me writing in my blog about my experiences and my likes & dislikes here.  

YouTube is obviously a big part of what I do, but I also like to write about it, my videos, the process behind them, my ideas for the future and so forth, so thats here too.

 All That Shtuff really.

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